Fall has got to be my most favorite time of year. With a crisp chill in the air, a relief from the summer heat, and cool mornings that make you want a second (or third) cup of coffee. The smell of pumpkin spice and warm colors bursting out into every direction.

My mind draws back to simpler days, when my brother would play bantam football... early mornings of fog dusted fields, the steam from hot cocoa warming your nose. The sun slowly rising to pull the dew off the ground. 

It's funny how our senses have such an impact on our feelings, our memories. Unfortunately, it seems like fall is gone in an instant. Rain falls, and bitter cold starts to set in. Maybe that is why I favor fall so much; it is such short lived that I can't help but to pull it all in before it's gone. 

Once the leaves are all down, we scurry to prepare for the winter ahead, just like any other animal on this earth. And now I've found myself relating to squirrels, so maybe I should just stop there!

 The point being, I have compiled some items that shout FALL! The time of year where we remember to be Thankful for all that we have.

We've added a New Shop Section "Autumn Inspired" ... Here you can see some new fall jewelry designs, that may inspire you to create your own one of a kind piece.  Feel free to add a leaf charm to any one of your creations! Make it whimsical with a wishbone charm. Adding your own handwritten image makes your piece special and meaningful. This is what inspires me to put that extra care and love into your creation. Keep your loved ones close this autumn season.. Because it's not just another piece of jewelry, it becomes a keepsake that you'll cherish for years to come.


Thankful Sterling Silver Bar Pendant: A reminder for us to be Thankful not just one day of the year, but everyday. Adorned with a simple leaf charm, brings a fun seasonal design to your wardrobe.

Arrow pattern Cuff Set: Raw materials of Stainless Steel and Copper, combined to make a statement. Engraved with the ever so popular arrow designs, meant to pull in a woodland and boho inspired feel. Make it extra special by adding an engraving of your choice to the inside.

Wishbone Charm Necklace: A whimsical and fun accessory to add to your autumn inspired wardrobe. Add a handwritten charm to this piece and you'll be sure to have a conversation starter.

Leaf Design Steel Cuff: Our new and innovative color engraving uses, no dyes, no chemicals, and no fillers. We use only the laser to manipulate the heat to give a burst of subtle autumn hues. This is a favorite of mine because it is so unique and unlike anything else!