Hello All! I am so excited to start creating a blog for you all to enjoy! Here you will get the inside scoop to all things Vintage Branding! You'll get to see how you can make the best of our products, of which will hopefully give you inspiration to start designing your own custom gifts. My husband and I started this company a year ago today! We started off very quickly and grew more than I could ever imagine in such a short time. I am so very thankful for all of you who have come to browse our shop. We have the best customers, and it's YOU who help us to continue to do what we love! Helping you find and customize the perfect keepsake is our goal. We specialize in handwritten engraved products. We pull handwriting from old cards, notes, even napkins, and create a gift that is more meaningful than one can imagine. Handwriting is potentially becoming something of the past. We take what's old, making in new again, as we brand it onto a piece perfectly designed by you!