Although we have been in business since 2015, this is the first year in our running things in our new cabin.  Cabin might sound quite primitive as an initial reaction, however, this is no ordinary cabin.  Our cabin is equipped with an industrial laser etching machine that would be right at home in any medical manufacturing facility.  It almost always smells like fresh-brewed coffee made possible by the humming Keurig.  It doesn't feel much like a cabin because we have a ton of windows and we can see the snow for miles today over the Indiana landscape. It's clean, modern, and quite functional for the work that we do here.

What do we do here? We transform an ordinary piece of metal into something that people carry with them and something they don't want to leave home without.  We realize that WE are not the reason why these pieces are so important to them, but rather from the love of the person who translated their sentiments permanently. We are just the middlemen who have the means to make these stories happen.  It is too easy to become calloused due to the etreme volume of orders at this time of year, but it remains always in the back of our heads while we are working and creating.  We love our customers!!

Just today, we received a note that truly made our day that I would like to share.

Absolutely  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Above a 5-star review!!!  I couldn't believe how fast I  got it!  Really!  This key chain I got for my grandaughter Bitsy's 16th  birthday has her mom's actual signature and nickname copied onto it.   Her mom, my daughter, passed away in 2014 and I know having this awesome  work you did on the key chain will bless her day for sure!  Everyone  who signed it was awed by how uniquely special it is.  I thank you for  helping me to bless my grandaughter by giving her a tangible piece of  her mom to carry with her.  I am planning on ordering more for sure and  one for myself too.  Blessings to you all........ a happy grandmother  -Joanie